Third Party Sender

Third Party

Being a Third-Party Sender has become increasingly more difficult as regulatory requirements have been imposed on ODFI’s. Because Check Gateway has a long successful history of processing ACH transactions we have been able to secure the most significant and established ODFI relationships available in the market place.

Due to our relationships, pricing and sophistication we are able to offer ODFI services to Third-Party Senders. What this means is that Check Gateway can compete with ODFI’s. By partnering with Check Gateway for your processing services not only will you gain a partnership with one of the most established ACH Processers you also, through us, gain ODFI processing from multiple sources. Our ODFI redundancy gives you this same redundancy.

Check Gateway's reporting, reliability and residual programs are the best I have ever seen. I have been doing this for 20 years and I wish I would have found Check Gateway sooner. They continually impress me Linda Bryant, ABC Processing

Key Features

  • Ultimate protection against ODFI failure or exiting ACH Processing
  • Create automatic redundancy
  • Robust integration and processing options
  • Reliable and extensive reporting options
  • Check Gateway has over 15 years of experience and provides support on all fronts from fraud protection and detection to redundant underwriting and compliance safe guards
  • Similar to direct to ODFI relationships a Third-Party Sender can hold full liability. This opens up additional processing opportunities.
  • Multiple ODFI relationships have been established over many years this gives a Third-Party increased stability
  • Because of our volume, stature, expertise and partnerships a Third-Party can get ODFI pricing from Check Gateway and experience a higher level of expertise and safety.