Identity theft and fraud are very real issues that plague the payments industries. Check Gateway has always been on the forefront of combating fraud and has made their Fraudchek services available to its’ merchant base, ISO base, financial institutions and other ACH processors.

Through innovation, vigorous testing and by partnering with the most progressive and robust data partners in the industry the Fraudchek solution is the most sophisticated and robust fraud prevention tool on the market. Fraudchek has the ability to check the validity of an account, authenticate the identity of an account holder and provide information back to the merchant/partner of the likelihood of the transaction being a good ACH transaction.

Check Gateway will work together with the client to determine the optimal configuration for the needs of the client. Because of the flexibility of the system and the multiple data partners we are able to configure a scoring model that works for our clients, regardless of the industry or their market specialization. For more detail and for information simply contact us through this form xxxxxx and one of our account managers will be in touch with you promptly to discuss your specific needs.

As a Third Party Processor we needed to have a robust service to help us and our merchants combat fraud. Check Gateway came through in a big way with their Fraudcheck offering. We have been able to protect us and our merchants and use Fraudcheck as a revenue generating product Active Third-Party Sender

Key Features

  • Customizable scoring models make the process easy and tailored to the needs of our clients
  • Sophisticated and robust databases give Check Gateway access to the most up to date and important information for consumers.
  • Fraudchek services are available to Financial Institutions, Third-Party Senders and merchants alike. You can integrate these services into an existing processing relationship
  • For WEB merchant Fraudchek complies with NACHA guidelines for reasonable authentication of consumers attempting to use the ACH Network
  • Exhaustive testing make Fraudchek reliable, powerful and simple to use.