Cloud Based Platform

In today’s climate security and stability are two factors that will help an ISO rise above the completion. All of the services and products offered by Check Gateway are cloud based solutions. This means there is no need to store sensitive consumer or merchant data or conduct expensive audits to confirm compliance. Check Gateway maintains a 99.8% uptime and only uses tier one data centers. Why risk processing with an ACH Processor that uses antiquated technology or requires you to take unnecessary security risks. Our system is tested, used and proven to be the premier option in the industry. Check Gateway can be your ACH Department and fulfill all your needs.


  • Tier one data centers are used in multiple regions to maintain uptime and security.
  • 24 hour support for technical issues. Checkgateway is committed to making sure you and yoru merchants have a reliable and stable platform
  • No need to house software at your location. This makes integration and testing simple and effective
  • Allows for "Tokenization" and eliminates the need to store sensitive consumer information. This is very effective for merchants that have a recurring subscription database
  • Checkgateway has been providing cloud based solutions long before the term "cloud based" became popular. Our experience will prove beneficial for your stability and profitability
  • Conduct all operations while on the go. Cloud based solutions eliminate the need to be at any one physical location to conduct business
  • The cloud based environment allows us to easily upgrade the system without interrupting transaction processing our you or your merchants daily business