ACH Processing

While ACH in and of itself has been around for many years the face of ACH has changed. Many merchants have standard needs for ACH but many merchants have become more sophisticated and rely on complex integrations and partnerships to manage their clients. Regardless of what you or your clients needs are Check Gateway can provide the ACH processing solution.

With our competitive rates, robust reporting, ability to customize solutions and expertise in the field there is no need to leave ACH transactions of the table or stay with a provider with antiquated services. Learn how to effectively capture ACH transactions and build this solution into you or your clients business by contacting one of our account managers. We will gladly set up a demo and answer any of your questions.

We weren’t sure about adding ACH processing as a payment option for our business but we took a chance with Check Gateway and we have increased sales and lowered our costs. This was a direct result of adding ACH Processing. It was very easy and the team at Check Gateway was fantastic Active Processing Merchant

Key Features

  • Merchant center allows easy access to transactional records and reporting
  • Both originations and credits are easily accomplished
  • API services are available to provide full integration to your website and maintain brand consistency.
  • All SEC codes are available. WEB, TEL, PPD, BOC, ARC, CCD, IAT
  • Customize your accounts as needed. Separate settlement and originating accounts can be set up to maintain funds segregation or provide compliance with “trusts” or money held in fiduciary.
  • Similar to PCI compliant programs Check Gateway offers Tokenization. This allows a merchant to store sensitive payment information offsite. This is exceptionally helpful for merchants that require recurring transactions