ISO Boarding Tool

An ISO can now through integration use our Boarding API to automatically board into the ACH Processing system new merchants. This tool makes selling ACH to prospective merchants easy and profitable. No more waiting for your ACH processor to board a merchant for days after you have already boarded them for credit card processing. Checkgateway can work with you to allow your organization to automatically board merchants into the system and get them processing immediately. Our automated underwriting system can be implemented to ensure your merchants have immediate access.


  • No waiting. ACH Boarding can now be done at your location and made part of your normal boarding process.
  • Opens up new revenue models as you and your sales reps will now have a partner that can meet the expectations of the market.
  • The Boarding API is fully integrated into our entire system. This means you will have access to all of the data to provide custom reports.
  • Automated boarding combined with an integrated application process and an integrated gateway provides brand consistency for your offerings
  • Provides a competitive advantage to your sales reps in the field. No one is offering anything like this and you and your reps will stand out in the field.
  • Checkgateway’s experience in this arena will ensure a smooth integration while combining custom features specific to your needs.