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What is ACH Processing?

Fraud scrubbing is a burgeoning tool increasingly used by financial establishments to ensure consumer fraud protection. With criminals employing technological advancements to steal credit card, bank account and other personal information, fraud scrubbing software can help merchants identify, document and prevent fraudulent transactions that can wind up costing a lot of time, money and energy. These software solutions provide accurate check verification and address verification.

Perform Check Verification and Address Verification

The proliferation of fraud scrubbing software is always in flux, with newer versions adding features that can help the consumer in many ways. Chargebacks can be costly and lead to higher transaction rates, and “high-risk” classifications can dramatically impact bottom lines.

Fraud scrubbing allows financial institutions to examine a transaction in real time against a number of criteria—such as client, Web site and country—to ascertain its validity. Higher-risk parties are assigned a higher fraud score, so fraud scrubbing software uses formulas to estimate risk for each transaction. The aim of these fraud prevention tools is to provide valid, secure credit card transactions and protection against all types of fraud. can help you with all of your fraud scrubbing, ACH processing and other needs. Browse our site to learn more or contact us at 1-480-785-2262 for further details.

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