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Enjoy All the Benefits and Conveniences of Electronic Check Payment Processing

Would you feel confident in using the first and only electronic payment method chosen by the United States Treasury? When you select electronic check payment processing, that's exactly what you receive. Many consider e-checks-the electronic representation of a paper check-the most secure payment instrument available today. An e-check works exactly like a paper check, but in pure electronic form, eliminating some manual steps. One of the most attractive features of electronic check solutions is that they can be used by anyone with a checking account, without the need for expensive process re-engineering.

Speed Your Settlement with Automatic Electronic Check Verification

They can be used in any remote transaction where paper checks are used today. The e-check is written, deposited, cleared, validated and charged to the writer's account, just like a normal paper check. Not only are electronic checks secure, fast and efficient, but they reduce fraud losses through a number of means. Electronic check verification and validity is ensured automatically. The information these checks carry is unlimited, but controlled-since they rely on the legal infrastructure and processes already put in place for paper checks. Electronic checks can be initiated from a variety of hardware platforms and software applications, allowing for rapid and secure settlement of financial obligations. is a leader in the payment processing industry, leaning on a staff of industry experts who possess many years of collective experience. Take advantage of our wide array of services and ability to manage accounts of any size and kind. Look around our Web site to find out more about our offerings or contact us at 1-480-785-2262 if you have additional questions about electronic check solutions.

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