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How Does ACH Payment Processing and EFT Impact Your Bottom Line?

Among the many benefits of ACH processing and electronic funds transfer (EFT) are the ability to automate manual tasks and save time and money, while giving customers a payment alternative. ACH payment processing enables businesses to accept payment from a checking or savings account electronically, with funds being debited from the customer and credited to the business owner.

Not only is ACH payment processing less expensive than credit cards, but you can accept payment over the phone and enjoy a shorter chargeback window. ACH processing will also allow your business to handle bounced checks, closed accounts and other potential issues through fraud screening and other tools. You can also receive returned-check money faster, avoiding expensive returns and trips to the bank. Automated payments can save invoice or postage costs, too.

Your business’s bottom line will be dramatically impacted by this new payment vehicle. Turn to when you’re ready to take advantage of ACH processing. We can provide the entire infrastructure, with the capability to handle accounts of any size while ensuring satisfied clients. Click around our site or call us at 1-480-785-2262 to learn more about our services.

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