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How Does Provide a Secure Payment Gateway for You?

No one knows better than us how credit or check scams can destroy a bottom line. Many sources focus on the larger fraud enterprises, but a series of smaller fraudulent transactions can be just as damaging to a business's health. That's why combines a pair of powerful tools into one comprehensive consumer fraud protection and prevention package. Used in conjunction, FraudChek and ChekNow can ensure secure payment processing and secure electronic transaction fulfillment.

Highlighted by the industry's first and only merchant-defined, weighted scoring system, FraudChek saves time and resources on verification, returns and chargebacks. By comparing data with more than 200 million checking accounts, this tool can immediately determine whether an account is frozen, overdrawn or likely to return a check. If you're looking for an automated, innovative, affordable way to reduce risk and loss while saving time chasing down payments or handling returns and chargebacks, you've found it with FraudChek. With account information that is updated daily, this resource assists with check verification, address verification and other tasks for every secure electronic transaction. We realize that companies require different levels of risk, so we'll work with you to make sure you have a real-time solution for secure payment processing that's comfortable for you.

For further security, the FraudChek Premier package helps you positively identify your customer to screen out potential fraud before goods are delivered. With this level of protection, purchases are approved only after customers successfully answer questions that are randomly generated from information in their credit report. Use the weighted scoring model to design the best secure payment gateway for your business.

Take Advantage of Secure Payment Processing and Secure Electronic Transaction Options with Us

Do you need quicker availability of funds without a trip to the bank? ChekNow allows you to turn a check into an electronic payment or remote deposit for a secure payment gateway, verifying the identity of your customer and enhancing your immunity to fraud. This tool checks a customer's name, address, telephone number, Social Security number and driver's license—then cross-matches that information to offer even greater assurances of your customer's identity.

FraudChek and ChekNow are part of's efforts to provide secure electronic transaction options and secure payment processing. Browse our site or contact us at 1-480-785-2262 to learn more about our top-notch security provisions.

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