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How Can You Become a Reseller and Benefit from a Successful Reseller Program?

If you have always wanted to become a reseller, the time has never been better to investigate a reseller program that fits your needs. As merchant service providers or independent sales organizations that acquire merchant customers for payment processing services, resellers require access to merchant provisioning tools, reports and account information. Finding the right reseller opportunity can lead to long-term financial health.

"The positives are you can sell a service and collect residual without assuming the risk," said chief technical officer Brian Bonfiglio. "Resellers can sell a service that is valuable to merchants, and once they've made the sale, they're done. They can enjoy a continuing revenue stream off one sale."

Resellers will place their business where they'll receive the best customer service and the ability to get paid on time. A fast turnaround is crucial with every reseller opportunity; they want their transaction answered, the merchant underwritten and the deal completed as quickly as possible.

So what kind of business people can become a reseller? The pool is a broad and diverse one. Resellers are often individuals who have worked in the banking industry for a really long time and left banking to get involved in selling payment processing. The lure of an ongoing commission every month derived from one sale is attractive to them. In many cases, they may receive four years of payments or more out of a single sale.

"Anybody can be a reseller," Bonfiglio said. "Resellers are people who have customers who have a need for what we sell or just sales organizations out there that sell all kinds of services. Software companies, Web hosting companies … They sell products and services online and have the ability to take payments online.

"Anybody who is involved in the payments or industry or has clients that need payments, they're a good candidate to be a reseller. Basically, everybody that is willing to sell their services can be a reseller." has forged a reputation in the industry for always paying on time and correctly. Enjoy the online reporting tools available by logging on and viewing all your merchants, statistics, residuals and other information you need to keep track of your bottom line. We can even help facilitate a sale with our own sales staff.

"Our resellers stick around because we've got good customer service and treat our customers well," Bonfiglio said. "We know that the better we treat their merchants, the longer our resellers will stay with us. We want all our resellers to work with us and stay with us.

"For people involved in selling credit cards and processing, we're a good fit for them because we can send them credit card sales in return for ACH processing."

Browse our site to learn more about how we can enhance your reselling efforts. Call us at 1-480-785-2262 if you require additional assistance.

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