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Use ACH Transfer to Bolster Your Online Retail Business

No matter what line of business you are in or where it's located, the secure exchange of money for your goods and services is vital to your success and bottom line. You want financial transactions that are instantly verifiable and hassle-free so that you and your customers can foster a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship.

Bringing an Automated Clearing House payment system—the ACH is a system of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank that offers electronic funds transfer between banks—into the equation is a certain way to protect yourself and your company. This type of payment processing allows you to authorize credit card transactions in a matter of seconds online. You'll be able to authorize, settle and manage payment processing directly from your retail store.

An Automated Clearing House payment system allows for all kinds of fund transfer transactions. You'll be able to process large volumes of credit and debit transactions that you have been originated electronically. Here are just some of the ACH payments we can be handle:

  • Direct deposits of payroll
  • Social Security and other government benefits
  • Tax refunds
  • Mortgages
  • Loans
  • Utility bills
  • Insurance premiums and other consumer bills

Let take care of your ACH payments. Our solutions can be easily integrated with your existing account systems. Take advantage of our streamlined, instantaneous, user-friendly reporting, supplemented by unparalleled security. Team with us for all the merchant services you need to make your online retail business a success. Click around our Web site or call us toll-free at 1-800-785-2262 to learn more about how our ACH transfer can help you.

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